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about g2 turftools®, inc.

g2 turftools® is a company dedicated to providing precision turf equipment for sports fields and golf courses. Its mission is to provide experienced quality turf managers with high quality products that make their jobs more cost effective and help them establish a new level of playability and aesthetically beautiful turf.

All of our equipment has been designed and developed by an experienced sports field contractor. Pro Rain, owned by Eric Merkt and Clellon Downs, started building and maintaining athletic fields in 1997. They needed a better way of keeping the fields smooth and playable, so they developed a turfroller™ to use instead of the bulky asphalt rollers used by most athletic field managers. The turffloat™ was also developed to replace the drag mat that was used to break up aerification cores and to fill in low spots. The problem with a drag mat is that it only broke up the cores and followed the contours of the field. The turffloat™ not only gets rid of the cores, but fills in the low spots without creating a high spot on one side. Although all of our equipment has been further developed from the original models built by Pro Rain, they are still of the highest quality and keep the same principle Eric and Clellon want - quality turf equipment to help maintain a high level of playability on sports fields.

turfplaning services® is a division of g2 turftools®, inc. It was started when the turfplaner® was developed in 2009 and g2 turftools® needed a way to be able to sell the equipment but also control the quality of the service. The turfplaner® is only sold in the United States under a license agreement. For areas outside the United States, please contact us! turfplaning services® is not a franchise.

The turfplaner® is unlike any machine on the market today and with this brand new technology, this was the best way to ensure the end customers would receive exceptional service and would be happy with the results of the turfplaning®. To find a turfplaning services® provider near you, please visit the service provider page. Laser turfplaning® is the precision removal of surface irregularities (up to 2") from turf areas in a single pass. Through the use of a g2 turftools®, inc. 84" turfplaner® equipped with proportional laser, leveling to an accuracy, never before attainable, of +/- ¼" on existing turf areas (athletic fields, golf tees, golf fairways) is now reality. This revolutionary turfplaning® process does not require the need to remove or replace the turfgrass on effected areas. turfplaning® not only reduces cost of resurfacing to a fraction of conventional turf removal, tilling, re-grading, and re-grassing, but also greatly reduces time and need to re-grow root zone prior to using. With the use or turfplaning, full recover or turf and resumption or normal activities on a smooth and consistent surface can be accomplished in as little as 3 to 6 weeks.

g2 turftools®, inc has a complete line of turf equipment for your sports field and golf course needs.