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T Mac Wilder and Associates
turfplaning service provider for Florida.
Turfplaner of Carolina LLC
turfplaning service provider for North and South Carolina. Also provide laser grading, top dressing, aerification, weed control, mound rebuilding, and all over turf and field maintenance.
Turfplaner of Georgia LLC
turfplaning service provider for Georgia.
Turfplaner of Texas
authorized service provider in the state of Texas.
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"The Turfplaner is an exceptional piece of turf equipment for renovating athletic fields. It shortens the preparation time needed to have a field ready. It eliminates the old method of tilling the root zones and then trying to get them to grade correctly.."

Bill Randles | Manager Sports Turf & Facilities

turfplaning services customers

  • Augusta National Golf Club
  • Tennesse Titans - Nashville, TN
  • University of Alabama in Huntsville
  • University of Alabama in Birmingham
  • University of Florida Turf Research
  • Auburn University

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